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Africa, the world's second-largest continent is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Suez Canal and the Red Sea to the northeast, the Indian Ocean to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. There are 46 countries including Madagascar, and 53 including all the island groups. Africa's largest country is Sudan, and its smallest country is the Seychelles, off the east coast. The smallest nation on the continental mainland is The Gambia.

Africa boasts the world's largest combination of density and "range of freedom" of wild animals such as lions, hyenas, cheetahs, buffalo, deer, elephants, camels and giraffes ranging freely on primarily open non-private plains. It is also home to a variety of jungle creatures including snakes and primates and aquatic life such as crocodiles and amphibians.

The following countries in Africa offer travellers who are seeking adventure in the form of Game Parks, romantic vacation spots in the Seychelles, or simply just to get to know this wonderful continent, an adventure of a life time.

Algeria :

Algeria is the second-largest country in Africa (Sudan being the largest) and is situated in northwestern Africa, with the northern coastline running along the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered on the east by Tunisia and Libya, on the southeast and south by Niger, on the south and south west by Mali, on the west by Mauritania and on the west northwest by Morocco. Three excellent hotels represented by the Sheraton and Accor Brands are recommended.


Benin is situated in West Africa on the northern coast of the Gulf of Guinea. It has land borders to the north by Niger, on the west by Togo, and on the northwest by Burkina Faso.The Novotel Orisha Contonou is the hotel recommended for travellers.


Botswana is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa. It has land borders with Zimbabwe in the northeast, South Africa in the south and southeast and with Namibia to the west. Here travellers can enjoy luxury hotels, Game Parks, and Safari holidays. Khwai River Lodge borders The Moremi National Reserve and is a unique resort offering camp style accommodation set in a unique eco-system/offering luxury in the Bush - overlooking areas where wild animals feed and mingle - highly recommended.

Burkina Faso:

ordered by Niger in the east, Benin in the southeast, Togo and Ghana and Ivory Coast in the south, and in the west and north by Mali The Mercure Silmande is a four star hotel in Ouagadougou with spectaclular views overlooking the lake.


A very mountainous country, running north and south and continuing into Rwanda. It borders with Rwanda to its north, Tanzania to the east and south and to the west by Zaire. Novotel Bujumbura is in city centre, and offers good 3 star accommodation.


Situated in West Africa, it borders with Chad in the north and northeast, Central African Republic in the east, Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea in the south, the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean) in the Southwest, and to the west and northwest lies Nigeria. Le Meridien in Douala in the city centre is surrounded by gardens overlooking the Wouri river in one of the city's most tranquil districts. Its restaurant and 'Les Cocotiers' bar add to its charm and make it an essential address for travellers.

Cape Verde:

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, 600km (450 miles) west-northwest of Senegal. The Cape Verde islands consists of Santo Antão, Sao Vicente, Santa Luzia, Ilheu Branco, Ilheu Raso, Sao Nicolau, Sal and Boa Vista, Maio, Sao Tiago, Fogo and Brava. All the islands are of volcanic origin, the main island, Sao Tiago, is mountainous, Fogo has the islands' highest peak, Mt Fogo (2840m/9320ft). Santo Antão has the highest rainfall and is much greener than the other islands and favourable for those who enjoy hiking. Still fairly undeveloped from a tourist point of view, Cape Verde will appeal to adventure travellers who enjoy hiking. The larger islands do have hotels guest houses. Praia offers the Pestana Tropico Hotel with 47 rooms all with sea view.


Chad is a landlocked country located Central Africa. Libya lies to the North, Niger and Nigeria to the west, Cameroon to the southwest, Central African Republic to the southeast and Sudan to the east. The best hotel for international travellers is Le Meridien Chari in N'djamena. The hotel is surrounded by a park and overlooks the lovely Chari river.


Known as the "forgotten islands" Comoros Islands are at the end of the Mozambique channel. Once a major stopover for sea merchants, since the Suez canal opened this route is no largely unused. Maore the oldest island is highly eroded with slow meandering streams, Ngazidja the youngest island has a active volcano, which experts think can erupt at any time and the other islands a mountainous but without volcanic activity. Hotels and guest houses exist but this location whilst fascinating is not for the 5 star traveller.

Congo Republic of:

The Congo is located on the western coastline of Central Africa, bordering with the Southern Atlantic Ocean to the west, Angola to the South, Democratic Rep of Congo (formerly Zaire) to South and east, Central Africa Republic and Cameroon to the north, and Gabon to the northwest. The best accommodation is Le Meridien Brazzaville.


Located in Eastern Africa, bordering the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea on the east, Eritrea to the north, Ethiopia to the north and northwest and Somalia to the southeast. The Djibouti Sheraton is a luxury beach front resort, which has its own beach club on a private island. The hotel offers a range of recreational activities including snorkeling, windsurfing, water skiing, biking, volleyball and other beach sports at the Sheraton Beach Club.


Situated at the northeastern corner of Africa, Egypt is bordered on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, in the east by Israel and the Red Sea, in the South by Sudan, and to the west by Libya. Egypt has many wonderful locations for travellers. The main destinations are: Alexandria, Cairo, El Gouna, El Quseir, Hurghada, Luxor, Safaga, Sharm El Sheikh, Soma Bay and Taba. An abundance of luxury hotels and resorts from Marriott, Sheraton, Moevenpick, InterContinental and Renaissance in the known brands as well as many wonderful independent properties offering a range of accommodation.


Located in north eastern Africa bordering with Ethiopia in the south, Sudan in north, Djibouti in the southeast and the Red Sea to the east.For international standard accommodation The InterContinental Asmara a Luxury hotel located 4km from city centre is recommended.


Situated in North Eastern Africa bordering Sudan to the north and north west, Eritrea to the north and north east, Djibouti to the east, Somalia to the east and south east and to the south lies Kenya. Ethiopia has been very forward-looking in its provision of national park areas and there are at present a dozen regions within the country that have been designated as protected areas for wildlife.
Abijatta-Shalla Lakes National Parks
Awash National Park
Mago National Park
Omo National Park
Nechi Sar National Park
Semien Mountains National Park
Whilst some parks have hotels camping is the recommended form of accommodation and provides the best possible way to enjoy the magnificent scenery in the parks, the rich bird life, hot springs and other magnificent creatures. In Addis Ababa the Sheraton and Hilton Hotels offer international standard accommodation.


Situated on the west coast of Africa and is bordered on the north by Cameroon, on the east and south by the Congo and the west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the northwest by Equatorial Guinea.  Libreville and Port Gentil offer high standard hotels such as InterContinental and Le Meridien brands.

The Gambia:

Located on the west coast of Africa, Gambia is bordered by Senegal in the north, east and south and by the Atlantic Ocean on the west. A surprising number of wonderful destinations such as Kairaba Beach Hotel in Banjul, described as true paradise in Gambia, as well as the Dalaba Lodge Island of Jinnack a eco lodge in traditional African style, and not to be missed is the riverside Bird Safari Camp, just 30 min. from Janjanbura (formerly known as Georgetown).


Ghana is situated on the southern coast of the West African bulge and is bordered to the east by Togo, to the west by the Ivory Coast, to the south by the Atlantic Ocean and to the north and northwest by Burkina Fasso. Accra offers a number of luxury resorts, Golden Tulip Accra, Le Palm Royal Beach and Labadi Beach, all offering 4-5 star service and facilities.


The Republic of Guinea is on the west coast of Africa. Conarky offers the Novotel Ghi Conarky in the city centre with 224 rooms and just 20min. from the airport.

Ivory Coast:

The Republic of the Ivory Coast, on the south coast of the western bulge of Africa, is bordered to the north by Mali and Burkina Faso, to the east by Ghana, to the south the Gulf of Guinea of the Atlantic Ocean and to the west by Liberia and Guinea. Abidjan offers luxury hotels like the Sofitel to Novotels and Ibis, all part of the Accor brand of hotels.


Kenya lies astride the equator on the eastern coast of Africa. Kenya is bordered in the north by Sudan and Ethiopia, in the east by Somalia, on the southeast by the Indian Ocean, on the southwest by Tanzania and to the west by Lake Victoria and Uganda. Offering locations such as
The Coastline
The Rift Valley
The Central Highlands
Western Kenya and
The North
when one thinks of Kenya one thinks of Game Parks and there are many ! The Wildebeest migration is one of the most amazing natural spectacles. Game can be seen year round, but migrates in May/June, July/August and again in September/October. The following Game Parks offer a range of safaris and tours to view and watch at close range the magnificent wild life. Accommodation ranges from lodges/camps/cabins etc. Five star luxury and more budget minded accommodation also.

Aberdare N P
Amboseli N P
Lake Nakuru N P
Marsabit N P
Masai Mara Game Reserve
Meru NP
Mt Kenya N P
Nairobi N P
Samburu Nature Reserve
Shaba National Reserve
Sibiloi N P
Tsavo East N P
Tsavo West N P


Lesotho is enclosed by South Africa. In the Maseru region, the heart of the mountain kingdom, the Lesotho Sun Hotel offers four star accommodation.


Situated off the southeast coast of Africa, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. Tananarive offers the Hilton Hotel and in Anjajavy, the Anjajavy Hotel offers 25 villas overlooking the sea, blending into the natural environment. No roads all access by sea.


Bordered in the North and East by Tanzania, on the east, south and southwest by Mozambique and to the west by Zambia it is landlocked. It is considered a naturalists paradise. There are 9 National Parks offering accommodation from 5 star to camping to suit all traveller's tastes.
Nyika National Park
Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve
Kasungu National Park
Nkhotakota Game Reserve
Lake Malawi Marine Park
Liwonde National Park
Majete Game Reserve
Lengwe National Park
Mwabvi Game Reserve
The Mont Soche luxury hotel is located in Blantyre with 132 rooms an some suites. In Lilongwe the Capital Hotel is the largest and boasts the best gardens.


Mauritius is an island located in the Indian Ocean about 800km (550 miles) east of Madagascar and 2,000 km (1,250 miles) off the nearest point of the African coast. The island of Rodrigues, an integral part of Mauritius, is located about 560 km (350 miles) off its northeastern coast. Mauritius is mostly of volcanic formation and is almost entirely surrounded by coral reefs. From the East Coast to Trou D'Eau Douce to the North Coast and Les Cocotiers, Mauritius offers a stunning range of resorts, diving and other water activities, spectacular scenery and a abundance of entertainment, excellent food/wine and relaxation in paradise. The Oberoi Hotel is one of the best in 20 acres of tropical gardens and 600 metres of ocean front views, here you have it all, mountains beaches and turquoise seas.


Situated on the northwestern corner of Africa, Morocco is bordered with Algeria to the east and southeast, Mauritania to the south and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco has long been every adventure travellers choice. Dating back 40-50 years ago, a haunt of the wealthy and famous from celebrities to royalty. This exotic country offers the following popular destinations:
From 5 star luxury palaces ( Heure Bleue Palais ) to exotic guest houses ( Dar Liouba ) and Ryads, the choice is abundant and all travellers preferences are met.


Another exotic loation to holiday. Mozambique is located on the southeastern coast of Africa and is bordered by Tanzania to the North, South Africa and Swaziland to the South, Zimbabwe to the West and Zambia and Malawi to the northwest Three major regions
Bazaruto Island
Maputo, and
Inhaca Island
offer travellers a range of diverse properties from the luxury to the modest set in natural surroundings with pristine oceans and outdoor activities including diving, snorkeling etc. The Pestana Bazaruto Lodge located in a natural reserve offers chalets, wonderful seafood and water activities.

Namibia ;

Namibia lies in Southwest Africa and borders the South Atlantic Ocean to the west, Angola to the north, Zambia in the northeast, Botswana in Southeast and South Africa to the South. Game Parks, resort hotels and out door adventure is the theme. Game Parks offer a range of accommodation and in Windhoek and Swakopmund some excellent hotels such as the Windhoek Country Club are also available.
Daan Viljoen Game Park
Etosha National Park
Fish River Canyon National Park
Hardap Dam Recreation Resort and Game Park
Khaudom Game Reserve
Mahango Game Reserve
Mamili National Park
Mudumu National Park
Namib-Naukluft Park
Skeleton Coast Park
Waterberg Plateau Park
Private Parks/Game Farms


Senegal is situated on the western of Africa and surrounds Gambia on three sides. Three main locations are
and hotels of international standard such as the Le Meridien and Accor Brands i.e. Sofitel are available.


The Seychelles is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar, consisting of more than 100 islands of which 83 are named and 46 are permanently uninhabited. The popular locations for tourists are:
Cousine Island
Praslin Island
La Digue
Here there a private island resorts (Cousine Island) reached only by private helicopter and there are only 14 private villas available. Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts also offer five star accommodation set in luxurious over water villas. Le Meridien Hotels and Resorts also feature several properties and then there are several smaller hotels and guest houses. This is the best in luxury, relaxation, natural beauty that any destination can offer.

South Africa:

South Africa lies at the southernmost part of the African continent. Game Parks, National Reserves/Parks and Private Reserves plus luxury 5 star accommodation in the major cities, are all available in this magnificent and varied scenic country. Accommodation in the cities range from Mount Nelson and Cape Grace in Cape Town to Edward Protea in Durban and the Park Hyatt in Johannesburg to name only a few amongst the wide range of luxury accommodation available.
The games parks offer luxury lodges/chalets to camping for the more adventurous traveller.

Addo Elephant Park
Augrabies Falls N P
Bontebok N P
Golden Gate Highlands National Park
Kalahari Gemsbok N P
Karoo N P
Kruger N P
Mountain Zebra N P
Madikwe G R
Pilanesberg N P
Links to Private Reserves


A landlocked country in southern Africa, Swaziland is bordered by Mozambique to the northeast and by South Africa to the southeast, south, west and north. Just 4 hours from Johannesburg. In the EZULWINI VALLEY, the famous Royal Swazi Hotel is situated in the tranquil Ezulwini valley, a 20-minute drive from Mbabane, the Swaziland capital. Matsapha international airport, which is served by direct flights from major Southern African cities, including Johannesburg is also a short drive away - 28 kilometers. The resort is 4 hours from Johannesburg by road, and 45 minutes by air. For the budget conscious the Lugogo Sun offers first class accommodation.


With the Indian Ocean on its' coastline to the east, it has land borders with Uganda and Kenya. The country has many game parks/national parks and reserves:
Gombe Stream N P
Lake Manyara National Park
Mikumi N P
Mt Kilimanjaro N P
Mahale Mtns NP
Ngorongoro Crater
Ruaha N P
Saadani NP
Selous G R
Serengeti N P
Tarangire N P
In addition to the parks the country offers a vast arrange of colourful and exotic destinations to visit:
Dar Es Salaam
Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara Lodge - A top escarpment overlooking the Great Rift Valley and Lake Manyara National Park. About 130km from Arusha Accommodation: The lodge consist of 54 Twin Rooms, 12 Triples and 1 Suite. Facilities: A restaurant offering international & local cuisine and a well stocked bar. Swimming pool, bar and public areas with dramatic views of the landscape. Ngorongoro Serena Safar Lodge is built into the rim of a dormant and collapsed volcano (known as a caldera), the plant and ivy-covered native stone blending ma Sterfully with its surroundings. A luxury lodge with all rooms having a view of the Ngorongoro Crater. Royal Palm Hotel in Dar Es Salaam and Golden Tulip Dar Es Salaam are just two famous hotels offering the traveller excellent international standard accommodations.


Located on the northern coast of Africa, Tunisia has boundaries with Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east. Popular destinations in Tunisia are -:
Djerba Island
La Marsa
Port El Kantaoui
Sheraton, Renaissance and Holiday Inns are some of the luxury brand name of hotels available. Sheraton Hammamet Resort Situated along a dazzling stretch of white sandy beach and clear blue sea, the lovely Sheraton Hammamet is the perfect place for an elegant escape. La Marsa, The Residence Tunis a beach front hotel facing the Mediterranean, ideally located at a short distance from the antique sites of Carthage.


With land borders with Tanzania, there are three large natural lakes, the Banweulu, Mweru and Tanganyika all situated in the northern region.Games parks and natural reserves are plentiful, along with luxury city hotels all offering a high standard of accommodation for the international traveller. National Parks:
Kafue N P
Kasanka N P
Lochinvar N P
North Luangwa N P
South Luangwa N P
Mosi-Oa-Tunya N P
Nsumbu N P
Lower Zambezi N P
Livingstone / Victoria Falls. In this well know region the Royal Livingston brings a new level of luxury and sophistication to the Victoria Falls. The Zambezi Sun along the verdant banks of one of the greatest Rivers in mother africa is a three-star favourite for fun-Loving adventures traveller. And in Lusaka the InterContinental Hotel offers luxury and panoramic view of the city.

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